CÁRNICAS EMBUENA S.L. is a sinonim of a complete quality, which means that in all the activities that make up the value chain, we can observe quality standards, ensuring in this way that its range of products meet the requirements demanded by consumers.


CÁRNICAS EMBUENA S.L. decided to complete its safety and food quality project (started in 1997, being one of the first companies in implementing the APPCC), obtaining the certificate on standard IFS and the theoretical regulation for all products produced since 2008. In 2013 obtains the BRC certficate allowing export our products to UK market.


There are many motivations by the management of the company to keep this project of certifaction, being very important the awareness of the company around the new and increasing demands of safety and food quality demanded by today´s society. Compliance with the standard IFS and BRC are an enforceable requirement by some food distribution chains, and CÁRNICAS EMBUENA S.L. promises to support these certifications of food safety.


There are many consumers who have been in contact with CÁRNICAS EMBUENA S.L. to know if products contain gluten. For this reason, seeking the maximum satisfaction of the consumers for which we decided to certify the non- presence of gluten.


Note how worthy is also the criticality of the CÁRNICAS EMBUENA S.L. elaborating products whose nature invites us to act with maximum precision and knowledge to ensure food safety.


Following the same thread, with this standard, is consciousness and shape to all the handlers and workers of the company to increase the safety of products produced and manipulated and thus maximize the health of the end consumers.


Thus, safety and food quality is a crucial point for CÁRNICAS EMBUENA S.L. and with the daily work, we want to reflect this and satisfy the increasing current demands.

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