Our history


            We are a family company with more than 40 years of experience in the meat sector. With a full  and traditonal origin, where the knowledge of our parents and grandparents has passed from one generation to  another.
            The objective of this web is also to make a tribute to our antecesors who made a hard work and with their illusion built the industry we have nowadays.


                                               Butchery "Nuestra Señora de la Salud"

        It started being a establishment store where a extensive range of specialities of meat, which were elaborated in their own installations were sold. The huge acceptance of theirs products due to it´s high quality and flavour, within an excellent service made  a transformation in their business and it´s legal form, that setted up as a limited company in June 1988.


In September of 1996, CARNICAS EMBUENA S.L. opened their new facilities in “Virgen de la Salud” industrial estate of Xirivella (Valencia), obtaining:

       - The certificate of the Economic Eurpean Comunity that expanded their market.
       - Improved the quality of the service they offered.
       - Increased the productivity as the range of products
       - Enhanced the corporate image of the organization, characterized as: traditional, artisan and innovative.


          Nowadays, we keep being faithful to our origins, using the method and legacy of our parents, in the elaboration of our products, innovating in their process and improving their final presentation. Always with the same objective since it started, satisfying our clients and helping them to maintain a healthy diet.

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